SUBJECT: BLACK MAGIC Melting Staples - Usage and Operating Procedures

TO: All Oliver Licensees

Staples are required in retreading to secure the precure splice and fasten the wick pad, strips and poly liner. They require time to apply and remove on every tire. Staples can be missed and left on the wick pad or strips. They can cause needless reruns from pinholes in the curing envelopes.

Oliver has evaluated a black polymer staple that melts at recommended chamber curing temperatures. The staples still function to hold the tread splices together but flatten out after melting. This produces an acceptable splice appearance and eliminates the need to remove any of the staples used on the tire.

I. Requirements: 1/2 inch BLACK MAGIC Staples and a modified staple gun from Utility Composites International Ltd. of Round Rock, Texas.

II. Application Procedure: BLACK MAGIC Staples can be used in a normal manner, but care must be taken that enough pressure is applied on the staple gun to insure that the staple is all of the way in, flush with the tread surface.

III. Removal Procedure: Melted BLACK MAGIC Staples at the tread splice do not need to be removed. They flatten out and produce an acceptable appearance. Utility Composites International Ltd. has found that tires produced with BLACK MAGIC Staples have not shown any staple related defects. The melted staple material does adhere to wick pads and may eventually produce a buildup on the wick pad.

IV. Cost Analysis: Oliver time studies show that by eliminating the labor time to remove the staples, it may save in excess of $0.10 per tire. It also reduces the incidence of envelope damage due to pinholes in the envelope from metal staples.

NOTE: In compiling the above information, Oliver has relied upon the manufacturer's recommendations in this regard, and has performed no independent tests beyond limited shop trials. Oliver assumes no liability for any personal injury or property damage, including incidental or consequential damages, lost profits or goodwill, which may be alleged to have resulted from the usage of this product. BLACK MAGIC Staples are manufactured and distributed exclusively by Utility Composites International Ltd. They can be contacted at 1-800-460-6933.

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